I stumbled upon ‘THE FLYING RED DRESS’ a year or so ago and finally found a woman in Europe who makes them by hand. Thankfully, JUST IN TIME to bring it on my first Photography Retreat in Morocco, that I hosted! THE Dress has a 5 Meter Train!! (Yes, 15 Feet long!!!)
Along with the trips I host, I also include a RED DRESS MINI-Shoot!! And WoW!!! This dress has Serious MAGICAL Powers!

Every girl (including me!) can’t help but Giggle and FEEL the POWER + CONFIDENCE that envelops You as soon as You put it on.

Magical Red Dress Mini Events

What People Are Saying

Abbbyyyy!!! Thanks for making me feel beautiful, confident, and empowered!!!! So glad I signed up for wearing the red dress in the desert. Once in a lifetime opportunity.


The red dress photoshoot is a complete transformation that takes you to another level of elegance and glamour.


I had the best experience with Abby taking pictures with the red dress with the long train. It was so out of my comfort zone and Abby made it easy and so much fun. She is so professional and has such great ideas.


Abby Photo